What You Need To Know About Microlearning Training Course

It is possible you have heard of microlearning training courses if you are in training and general education industry.Over the years, there has been a rise in popularity of breaking down topics into bits. Microlearning has embraced the digital age. Microlearning comes in various forms such as games, podcasts, infographics, PDFs and short videos. It is a course that is best for tangible skills such as proper ladder use. It comes with a limited timeframe which makes it best for conceptual topics. Read on to know the advantages of microlearning training program. 

Microlearning provides mobile ready content. People nowadays use their smartphones. The course is optimized for use on tablets and smartphones. It is convenient for learners to access the information. Microlearning course is best for individuals who have a short attention span. Shorter training videos are great for today’s learners. The courses goes straight to detail and don’t contain filler content. Compared to lectures the training is short.

Microlearning training courses boost knowledge retention. The course focuses on the important aspects of the topic. There is no information that is irrelevant. The course has smaller details of information. It is easy to remember information that you have studied.
Another advantage of microlearning training is that it fits well into busy schedules. Employees face many distractions during their workday. Microlearning has topics that are not more than 10 minutes. The course can be done when performing other tasks.
Microlearning course can be offered as a larger topic or standalone topic. If there are no corresponding topic, standalone topics are ideal because they have a shorter runtime. Also, microlearning can fit well as part of in-depth topics.

Microlearning training is more engaging. Training needs to be engaging throughout. It is easy for users to watch training videos that last for 10-15 minutes. It is hard to concentrate on a video that goes on for 30 minutes to an hour.
Microlearning course usually focuses on one goal at once. It is not like typical courses that have several learning objective. Users will easily understand a specific concept before moving to the next objective. For example, a course about fire safety is best understood when divided into several objectives like evacuation, fire extinguisher and alarms.

Microlearning training program is fit for all generations. It fits all ages. Technology has changed learning trends. It is especially beneficial to older employees who are learning new concepts. It will be easy to understand the topics since the training is short.

Microlearning training courses offer multiple titles. You just have to identify the topics that are relevant to your organization. After taking microlearning training course you will begin to see significant changes among your employees.